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2011 Nottingham - Senior Girls - Winners of H Witham Trophy

First complete team to finish (excluding top 3) - 9th overall

Individual Medallists from a maximum field of 368 runners
1978 Maidstone Steve Robson junior 3rd
1983 Chesterfield Sean Cundy inter 3rd
1983 Chesterfield Lisa Reilly junior 1st
1984 Croydon Lisa Reilly inter 3rd
1985 Norwich Sean Cundy senior 1st
1986 Durham Ceri Rees junior 3rd
1989 Hertford Ceri Rees inter 3rd
1989 Hertford Angie Foster junior 2nd
1990 Wadebridge Angie Foster junior 1st
1991 Taunton Ceri Rees senior 1st
1991 Taunton Angie Foster inter 2nd
1992 Bristol Angie Foster inter 3rd
1993 Newark Michael Nolan inter 3rd
1993 Newark John Pattison junior 1st
1993 Newark David Bell junior 3rd
1993 Newark Amanda Tremble inter 2nd
1993 Newark Justina Heslop junior 1st
1993 Newark Caroline Wood junior 2nd
1994 Liverpool Tony Mate senior 3rd
1994 Liverpool Robert Brown inter 1st
1994 Liverpool Justina Heslop inter 3rd
1995 Stoneleigh Sonia Thomas inter 2nd
1995 Stoneleigh Nicola Coates junior 1st
1996 Weymouth Mark Brown senior 2nd
1996 Weymouth Carley Wilson junior 1st
1996 Weymouth Nichola Coates junior 3rd
1997 Newark John Mooney senior 2nd
1997 Newark Melissa Forster senior 2nd
1998 Cheltenham Nichola Coates inter 2nd
1999 Luton Charlotte Wickham junior 2nd
2000 London Charlotte Wickham inter 2nd
2004 Maidstone Kirk Wilson senior 1st
2005 Norwich Ross Murray junior 2nd
2007 Leeds Ross Murray inter 1st
2019 Leeds Sam Charlton senior 1st
2019 Leeds Josh Blevins junior 2nd


Northumberland Cross Country Teams - B County Status - Top 3 Aggregate Placings
1977 Redditch   Boys 3rd
1978 Maidstone Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
1980 Newcastle Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
1981 Wigan Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
1983 Chesterfield Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
1984 Croydon Boys 3rd
1985 Norwich Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
1986 Durham Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
1987 Preston Boys 2nd
1989 Hertford Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
1990 Wadebridge Durham Trophy Girls 1st
1992 Bristol Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
1993 Newark Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
1993 Newark Durham Trophy Girls 1st
1995 Stoneleigh Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
1996 Weymouth Durham Trophy Girls 1st
1997 Newark Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
1997 Newark Durham Trophy Girls 1st
1998 Cheltenham Boys 2nd
1998 Cheltenham Durham Trophy Girls 1st
1999 Luton Boys 3rd
1999 Luton Durham Trophy Girls 1st
2000 London Coventry Trophy Boys 1st
2004 Maidstone Boys 2nd
2004 Maidstone Girls 2nd
Northumberland Cross Country Teams - D County Status - Top 3 Aggregate Placings
2017 Norwich Boys 2nd
2017 Norwich Nottinghamshire Trophy Girls 1st
2018 Leeds John Hedge Trophy Boys 1st
2018 Leeds Girls 2nd
2019 Leeds John Hedge Trophy Boys 1st
2019 Leeds Girls 2nd